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Wild Honey

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Spice up your table with the delectable addition of Spice Boat’s ‘Wild Honey,’ a true example of nature’s purity and traditional harvesting.

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Spice Boat ‘Wild Honey’ is pesticide free, chemical free, from the pristine forests of Western Ghats collected by tribal communities from naturally occurring beehives, cliffs and trees.  These forests are known for their rich and diverse ecosystem where indigenous wild forest bees such as apis cerena are found in abundance. We at Spice Boat bring to your table the purest ‘Wild Honey’ with zero processing. Our honey is filtered and cleaned, and contains no additives or added preservatives.

Experience the natural goodness of Spice Boat’s ‘Wild Honey,’ cultivated in the pristine forests of the Western Ghats by tribal communities. Our honey is:

  • Pesticide-Free and Chemical-Free: Sourced from naturally occurring beehives, cliffs, and trees, our ‘Wild Honey’ is free from pesticides and chemicals.
  • Rich and Diverse Ecosystem: Discover the richness of the Western Ghats’ ecosystem, home to indigenous wild forest bees like apis cerena. The bounty of nature is evident in every drop of our honey.

At Spice Boat, we ensure that you get the purest form of ‘Wild Honey’:

  • Zero Processing: Straight from the pristine forests to your table, our honey undergoes zero processing. We believe in preserving the natural essence of the honey for an authentic experience.
  • Filtered and Cleaned: Meticulously filtered and cleaned, our honey is crafted to remove impurities while retaining its innate goodness.
  • No Additives or Preservatives: Enjoy our honey with the assurance that it contains no additives or added preservatives, ensuring a pure and unadulterated product.


  • Rich in Antioxidants: Spice Boat’s ‘Wild Honey’ naturally delivers antioxidants, offering a wholesome boost to your well-being.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Experience the anti-inflammatory properties of our honey, contributing to overall health and vitality.
  • Builds Immunity: Regular consumption of our ‘Wild Honey’ can help fortify your immune system, supporting your body’s natural defenses.
  • Boosts Gut Health: Enjoy the added benefit of improved gut health, as our honey contributes to a balanced and healthy digestive system.

Nutritional Information | Serving size 10gm

Calories 30 kcal
Sugar 7gm
Proteins 0.06gm
Traces of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants


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